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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing

Adwords Wizard helps clients catapult their business to their target market using Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing strategies. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing can be very effective for the right business, however it’s not for everyone. A general rule of thumb is if it’s not worth $500-1500 to generate one client, then Pay Per Click (PPC) isn’t for you and there are other methods that result in a lower customer acquisition cost. If that figure is acceptable for your business, Pay Per Click (PPC) could be an excellent source of business. Our experts will help you research keywords, setup PPC accounts, test market campaigns, design landing pages and analyze results.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Google AdWords is the market leader for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. For most businesses this is the place to start. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing with Google AdWords is beautiful since customers are already Googling your product or service and it’s just a matter of presenting your business as an option and ensuring your visibility in search results. 

Competitive Research & Keyword Research

The first thing you should do in Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is research your keywords and competitors. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is all about numbers and math and odds. Choosing the right keywords is key in ensuring the best odds for conversions for your business. Reviewing competitor campaigns is also very important since there’s a ton of value in analyzing what worked and didn’t work for them.

Transparent Results

What makes Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing amazing and unique is its transparency in results (whether good or bad). With Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing we use tools such as tracking pixels and Google Analytics goal tracking to pinpoint what works and doesn’t work in your marketing. When a customer visits your site and fills out a form to contact you, the page they hit next is typically where a tracking pixel will be placed, or a Google Analytics goal will be set. This allows us to get every detail about the perfect customer who converts so we can help you find more of them. Overall, most clients know in 30-60 days if Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing works for their business or not. Each business is different and there are many factors for success or failure– our Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing experts are here to professionally guide you through the process and give you the best possible chance for success.

Continual Test Marketing

No Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing expert can tell you for sure or not ahead of time if one strategy or another will work and what projections to expect without proper test marketing. At Vivid Candi, our Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing experts will begin your campaign with 2-4 weeks of test marketing to determine the best strategies for your long-term campaigns. Our agency also will continually test market new strategies and campaigns every month as we do your Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.

Ongoing Website Traffic Analysis

Adwords Wizard Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing experts will continually stalk your website traffic throughout your campaign as if it were our own. It’s important we understand the behaviors of your best converting customers and can review traffic generated from campaigns in great details. It’s very exciting for us to do this and one of our passions.

Why Adwords Wizard?

Many inept digital marketing companies will  set up  your pay per click ads to run whenever a chosen keyword is searched for on a chosen search engine, and will  use a URL that redirects your potential customers who click on your ads to your site’s home page.

Directing customers to your home page is a definite no-no because once your customer arrives on your home page, they must painstakingly click through your website’s navigation to find the products or services your company offers — if your customer  even bothers to stick around.

In this case, your business has wasted money by taking an engaged, targeted potential customer and forced him or her to work for the information your pay per click advertisement promised.

Adwords Wizard will drive PPC engaged potential customers to targeted landing pages. If your business does not product-specific landing pages to refer potential customers to, Adwords Wizard will create custom landing pages that provide the exact information your potential customer is looking for.

Many inept digital marketing companies will send PPC potential customers directly to your website’s contact page to force email newsletter opt-ins or lead generation form submissions. This can not only frustrate visitors and hurt the chances of making a sale, but it also can run afoul of PPC platform guidelines.

Adwords Wizard is very familiar with advertising through Google AdWords, and knows that requiring your potential customers to fill out contact forms, usually in exchange for something free goes against Googles guidelines and will ultimately cost a business their Google Adwords accounts.

Adwords Wizard can accomplish tracking who your potential customers are with state of the art coding and advertising within Googles stick guidelines. 

To produce the most effective results, Adwords Wizard avoids running PPC ads without testing them first.

Split-testing our customers ads is accomplished by creating multiple versions of the ad’s text for each of your PPC ad groups.  

By using split-word-text testing, Adwords Wizard can determine which specific wording leads to the most click throughs and on-site conversions.

Nearly all PPC engines allow  for split-testing, but do not ensure that your ad variations will be displayed at random so they generate meaningful data.

Some PPC platforms use predictive algorithms to display the ad variation that’s most likely to be successful, however this method is no near as effective as the state of the art split-text-testing methodology that Adwords Wizard employs to make sure your ads are displayed both correctly and with the chances of the highest conversion rates that can be achieved.

Adwords Wizard understand that Broad match keyword ads are displayed whenever all or part of your companies target keyword phrase is searched for, offering the greatest traffic potential. However the use of Broad Match Keywords can often lead to sacrificing relevance for reach.

For example, many inept digital marking companies may for example, set up PPC marketing for a  law firm targeting the phrase “divorce attorney” with a broad match ad.  Although the ad can often appear on the results page for the search query “divorce attorney,” but it often will show up for the phrases “reasons for divorce,” “DUI attorney” or “dealing with divorce for children.” In these cases, your company will definitely pay for  irrelevant searches.

Adwords Wizard will set your ads to the correct balance of using phrase, exact match and broad match might to help ensure that your ads appear for search queries that are most relevant to your business, saving your adverting dollars for ads that will lead to successful conversions.  

Many inept digital marketing companies fail to use negative keywords, which can prevent ads from displaying whenever certain words are searched for.

Following the example above, adding the word “DUI” as a negative keyword within your PPC ad group would prevent your “divorce attorney” broad match ad from appearing in results for “DUI attorney.”

Adwords Wizard adds negative keywords to your PPC campaigns  to control relevancy without eliminating the potential traffic of broad match ads.  

Adwords Wizard uses state of the art methodologies to utilize negative keywords in your ad campaigns that consistently influence our clients advertising campaigns with the right traffic necessary to lead to conversions.

It's Time to Dominate

“You are either dominating your competition or your competition is dominating you.  I choose to be the one doing the dominating!”

– Donald J. Trump

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