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At Adwords Wizard we never suggest one marketing channel and that’s it. Not even a few. We’re constantly adapting our campaigns to the ever-changing market for our clients. We provide continual test marketing as a part of our marketing mix. Typically, we execute 5-10+ different marketing strategies for clients at a time including Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc’), Influencers, Traditional Print & TV, Viral and more. 


This is either a service or a good that has been manufactured to meet specific customer needs or demands. During development, products follow through a specific lifecycle and that’s why it’s important for marketers to plan for the product every step of the way. This starts by understanding what sort of problem the product is trying to solve. The potential and target customers need to be identified and understood perfectly in order for the product to succeed.


This is the amount the consumer is expected to pay for using the product. The pricing of a product will impact greatly how the product sells in the market. Basically, it’s the perceived value of any product to a customer rather than placing any price on it and expecting it to sell. In most cases, if the product is priced according to customer value, it might even sell higher than its obvious value. On the other hand, if the product is undervalued by the customers, the price needs to be lower for the product to sell. Other factors that affect the overall price of a product include value chain costs, markups, distribution plans and also competitor pricing.


This involves all the marketing techniques and strategies out there. These include sales promotions, advertising, public relations, special offers etc. Every marketing channel used needs to be suitable for the product, the price of the product as well as the consumer the product is being marketed to. Basically, promotion is the communication part involved in the whole marketing equation.


This refers to how the product is availed to the end consumer. A key element of placement is distribution of the product. A good placement strategy From Adwords Wizard will help you assess the most appropriate channel to be used for the product. Depending on how a customer accesses the product, it will also determine the entire marketing strategy.


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