Creating perfect ad campaigns

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The Lucas Auto Care Project

Ranking Number One On Google and Bing

Creating a Dominating Adwords Campaign

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In creating the perfect ad campaigns for Lucas Auto Care, the Adwords Wizard team developed keyword centric campaigns and ad groups to maximize the success of ad relevance while reducing the costs per click of each ad.  

Utilizing modified keyword broad matching and industry leading metrics to reduce worthless impressions, Lucas Auto Care gained significant improvement in their click through rates, dropping their worthless impression rates and cost per click significantly.  

By reducing useless click throughs, Lucas Auto Care is now able to use their marketing budgeting to maximize their relevant impressions while dominating their competition in search engine results placement and new customer conversions. (rest mouse pointer on image to the left)


Brand Development

At Adwords Wizard branding is everything and one of our greatest creative joys is to help a new or existing company develop or enhance their branding. Branding can be anything from your brand strategy to your competitive strategy to your logo, print advertisements and overall marketing efforts. It's our passion to guide clients through branding development to achieve a cohesive strong brand that penetrates that market place.

Brand Guidelines & Brand Design

For larger brands having brand guidelines and a brand design are key. What is a brand design? A Brand design is a methodology developed by our team of designers that clearly illustrates your brand guidelines to anyone utilizing your brand, especially third parties such as PR firms, social media agencies and more.

Competitive Research & Market Positioning

It's important that any brand positions themselves clearly in the market against any competition. Adwords Wizard consults brands on their value propositions and how to best position them in the market for maximum market saturation. Our consultants will help build positioning maps that help identify the best market positioning for your brand.

Logo & Corporate Identity Development

Every great brand begins with an amazing logo and sometimes the simplest logo is the best. Our designers will consult you through this process to determine what's best for your brand. Developing your logo is an important step for any brand so our agency takes great attention to detail and time to ensure your logo has gone through the proper design process so you can determine the best typography options, color options and overall icon / logo options. We also can create all corporate identity materials that complement the logo such as letterhead, envelopes, email templates and more.

Creating perfect ad campaigns
creating perfect ad campaigns

Full-Service Design Agency

Adwords Wizard does far more than just branding, and any client has access to our full-service suite of in-house services including graphic design, web design, photography, video, advertising/marketing, social media marketing and more. We can help you brand from start to finish.

20+ Years in Business and 7,500+ Clients

Adwords Wizard was founded in 2001 and has worked with over 7,500 clients delivering a track record of thousands of completed branding projects and more. We have a small boutique team of nearly 20 amazing creatives that can help you brand from start to finish.

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